Upgraded and Improved!

About Our Robinson R22 Rotor Blades

Our Robinson main and tail rotor blades are for use with R22 helicopters that have been re-classified in the experimental category. They are formed of carbon composite and have an unlimited service life (It is recommended that they be sent to the factory for inspection every 1,000 hours. They have a protective outer layer of gel coat. The root-end mounting will fit the standard R22 rotor hub (blade set does not include spindles or bearings).

Upgraded and improved: Between December, 2018 and September, 2019 the R22 main blades were improved with greater flexibility and durability. The results of the durability tests, performed at the Institute of Aviation in Europe, were outstanding: the rotor blades withstood a force of 28 tons, which is 3 times greater than the required safety minimum! In fact, at 28 tons the only damage was to the metal part and not the carbon-composite rotor blades themselves. To summarize the test results of the latest upgrade:

Autorotation is much better than with the original aluminum blades.
Speed and rate of climb of the R22 with the carbon-composite blades are 100% the same as with the original blades. The helicopter easily reaches 98 mph.
Balancing and alignment is exceptional and installation is extremely simple.
The blades meet the highest safety standards and can be used on all Robinson R22 helicopters in the experimental category.


 Robinson R22 Experimental Helicopter Rotor Blades: base prices

The airfoil profile for the R22 helicopter main rotorblades is NACA63015 (see below drawing).

NACA63015 Airfoil Profile
Description Weight per blade

Base Prices* per set of 2

  Robinson R22 Main Rotorblades: 7.2" chord, 183mm 31 lbs./14kg $16,200 USD/Set*
  Robinson R22 Tail Rotorblades: 4" chord, 100mm 12.3 oz./350 grams $1,315 USD/Set* or $820 USD/Set when ordered with R22 main blades*
  Robinson R22 Main and Tail Rotorblades:  Special combo offer as above $17,020 USD for both sets (main and tail)*
   - Color choices available for tip stripes (please specify): red, orange, blue (light or dark), green (light or dark), purple, black
  *A final price with crating and shipping will be quoted upon receiving your order form. Prices subject to change without notice.


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