Our new line of blades are made of 100% carbon composite. They are characterized by superb production quality and exceptionally low levels of noise and vibration. Additionally, they do not have a time-limited service life, which significantly reduces operating costs.


The service life of the carbon blades is indefinite with normal use (excluding, of course, a blade-strike, etc.). After a few years, they can be sent to our manufacturer's service center to be renewed and rebalanced for use in the next few years.


Experimental and Ultralight Helicopter Rotor Blades:  available styles and sizes + base prices

The airfoil profile for the experimental/ultralight helicopter rotorblades is NACA23012 (see below drawing).
The 23012 develops high lift and relatively low drag, yielding a high speed-range index value. Further, the pitching-moment coefficient is very small.

NACA23012 Airfoil Profile
Description Weight per foot of blade

Base Prices* per set of 2

Each set is available in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Specify when ordering.
  Helicopter: 8" chord, 202mm, for RotorWay, Safari, etc. Twist: none. Max blade length: 12.8 ft. (3.90m) 2.06 lbs. (0.93kg) $6,215 USD/Set*
  Helicopter: 7" chord, 180mm, for Mosquito, A/W-95, Choppy, etc. Twist: 6.5. Max blade length: 11 ft. (3.35m)  2.0 lbs. (0 .91kg) $6,215 USD/Set*
  Helicopter: 6" chord, 150mm, for various one-seat designs. Twist: 6.5. Max blade length: 8 ft. (2.45m)  1.79 lbs. (0.81kg) $2,260 USD/Set*
   - Color choices available for tip stripes (please specify): red, orange, blue (light or dark), green (light or dark), purple, black
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 *Price may vary, depending on features. A final price with crating and shipping will be quoted upon receiving your order form. Specify desired blade length.
  Prices and designs subject to change without notice.


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We will contact you to confirm your cost and
to provide payment instructions. 

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