World's Most Exciting Homebuilt 2-Seat Helicopter
Construction Prints & Parts Manual

The fascinating CW-105F was designed, built and first flown in Europe*. This gorgeous helicopter, with its Lamborghini-style doors, its unusual (for a small helicopter) intermeshing twin-rotor system and its overall brilliance, is unique. Beyond what is presented in the photos, blueprints and specs, it retains an air of mystery. Yet this huge blueprint set is among the most sophisticated and well-engineered that we have ever offered.

The CW-105F is a true helicopter and will therefore take off and land vertically, hover and fly forward, backward and sideward. Its counterrotating dual rotor system cancels torque, eliminating the need for a tail rotor and allowing clean, sweeping body lines as can be seen in the photos. The sophisticated rotor system provides both cyclic and collective control. The CW-105F has been designed to carry 2 people.

Perhaps the CW-105F's most amazing feature is its simple, straightforward and affordable construction!

CW-105f + girl

This package consists of the huge set of blueprints, with 76 separate "Plans" (construction drawings), a complete Parts List, and photos. Every aspect of the CW-105Fs construction is detailed, including the rotor head and hub, the aluminum rotor blades, the control system, the airframe, engine mount, pilot/passenger compartment, exterior skin, and so on. All in all, this is our most extraordinary plans package.

CW105F Drawings




16 ft



7 ft



4 ft

Empty Weigh


520 lbs

Gross Weight


1,100 lbs

Useful Payload


580 lbs

Rotor System


twin, intermeshing, counterrotating

Rotor Diameter 


23 ft (per set)



6 in



Lycoming O-235 to O-360*

Maximum Speed


75 mph

Cruise Speed


60 mph

Rate of Climb


900 fpm



225 miles

Service Ceiling


11,000 ft

*Prototype used a Continental C90-12F engine

As can be seen to the right and below, the CW-105F is equipped with a comfortable interior and a full instrument panel.


*Text in prints is in English & Dutch. Parts Manual is in English.

CW-105F CONSTRUCTION PRINTS & MANUAL: Only $270 (+ post.)
Includes 76 separate Construction Prints and a Parts-Photo Manual


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