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Heavy-duty, high-speed gearbox  
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High-power + high speed gearing for your project:
RZ-2 Gearbox + Clutch with adapter plates for MZ202



Mechanical Gear Reduction with helical gears supported by four ball-bearing races. The output shaft in an isostatic configuration with an oblique two-crown sphere bearing. 

Gear ratio 3.11:1 


The housing is cast alumium to T6 condition. Rated up to 130 hp at 6500 rpm. 

Weight: 9kg (20 lbs). 

Clutch engages: 1900-2100 rpm. 

Connection from clutch to primary gear through a grooved hub, made from 7075-T6 with hard anodized surface. 

Ergal mass centrifugal dragging hub with hard oxide surfacing. 

Clutch shoes are of the sintered type with a bonded material high friction coefficient. 

Includes adapter plates to mount to the MZ202 engines.

Includes flange to mount the prop.

This gearbox was manufactured by Compact Radial Engines in North America.

PRICEOnly $2,495

Phone 410-668-2757 from 1pm-7pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

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