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For your experimental helicopter:
Rotorblades for RotorWay, Safari & other homebuilt helicopters

Above 3 photos: blades for RotorWays and other homebuilt helicopters
root end of blades with doublers & mounting block (primed)

Above: root end of blades with doublers & mounting block (primed)
full-length blade (primed, ready for painting)


Above 2 pix: custom tip-caps (rounded tip caps are $150/set extra)
blades packed in crate for shipment

Below:  blades in use on a RotorWay Exec

Below:  a set of custom-painted Exec blades, ready to mount


BELOW: Exec tail blades (ready to mount)

Exec Tail rotorblades

ROTORBLADES for your RotorWay Exec, Talon, Scorpion, Safari, Commuter or other homebuilt design. They are similar to the Exec blades. These quality blades are formed from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum (the extruded leading-edge spars) and 2024-T3 aircraft-grade aluminum (trailing-edge skins). The airfoil is a "high-lift" NACA23015, which is modified NACA0012. The aluminum skin is bonded with space-age structural adhesive and cherry rivets. Blade chord is 8" and weight is 2.9 lbs./foot. Photos show these blades in actual use on a RotorWay Exec.


Blades are available in 2 forms per set of 2 blades: semi-finished and ready-to-mount:

Semi-finished set
includes tip caps, wood blocks (already installed) cut to proper size for blade mounting plates. The blades are pre-balanced and primered, ready to be painted. The blades require drilling and final balancing after painting.

Finished set is a complete, finished set that has been pre-balanced (will require a final balancing), drilled and painted; they are ready to bolt to your hub's mounting plates (plates and mounting hardware not included). Length to suit your design at 8" chord.  


NOW AVAILABLE: A full set of ready-to-mount tail rotorblades specifically for RotorWay Exec helicopters. Includes the tip caps. Mounting is standard for the Exec. Blades are balanced and painted.


Also available: carbon composite rotorblades...

PRICING (per sets of 2 blades):

$4,550 for semi-finished set

$5,350 for finished set
(Add $155 crating cost per set. Shipping: please inquire)


PRICE FOR EXEC TAIL BLADES (per full set of 2 blades):
$785 per set, painted and ready to mount (brand new)

(Add $45 packaging and shipping in the U.S. or $145 foreign)

Also available

Fiberglass doublers: $600 for a set of 8 for 2 rotorblades
Fiberglass doublers + wood blocks: $685
Wood blocks alone for 2 blades: $95
Rotorblade mounting plates: $595/set
Custom painting: $375 per set of 2 rotorblades

Please use our online Rotorblade Order Form

Phone 410-668-2757 from 3pm-8pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

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