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Below is a list of Vortech's helicopter and gyroplane kits. The hobbyist can, of course, save money by building their heli or gyro from scratch, but for those that have the budget there's much to be said for a ready-to-assemble OR already assembled aircraft. For more details on a particular craft, click on its name or contact Vortech directly. You can fax us at 410-668-8518 or phone 410-668-2757 weekdays between 1 & 7pm east-coast time. A Vortech Catalog is available for $10 in the U.S. ($15 foreign). Order from: Vortech, Inc., P.O. Box 511-W, Fallston, Maryland 21047, U.S.A. Orderline: 410-663-8022. See also Online Orderform

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(in U.S. funds)
Choppy-A/W95 Main Control Head/Hub
Does not include Swash Plate,
$5,295 $110 s+c (U.S.)
Choppy-A/W95 Swash Plate Mechanism $3,295 $90 s+c (U.S.)
Choppy-A/W95 Main Rotor Head—Complete with Swash Plate $7,495 $175 s+c (U.S.)
Choppy-A/W95 Airframe with Tail Section
Airframe is pre-welded and includes seat, skids, tail
section and instrument pod (minus instruments)
$7,495 $350 crating
Choppy-A/W95 Control System, Complete
Includes: joystick, collective stick,
push-pull rods/bearings, cable, pedals
$3,495 $90 s+c (U.S.)
Choppy Shaft-Driven Tail Rotor Drive + Hub—Complete
Ready-to-mount tail-rotor mechanism with coupling for 7/8" shaft & pitch linkage
$5,295 $95 s+c (U.S.)
Choppy-A/W95 Tail Rotor Hub—Complete
This is the belt-driven version of the hub
$4,995 $70 s+c (U.S.)
Choppy-A/W95 Main & Tail Rotorblades—Set
The full set of 7" main & 3.5" tail all-aluminum rotorblades with attachments, etc.
$2,985 $145 crating
Choppy-A/W95 Kit—less engine and instruments
This kit has a belt-driven tailrotor. Specify Ultralight or Experimental.
Please inquire $450 crating
Choppy Kit—Ultralight version, complete, with 48hp Rotax engine
Includes a Rotax 503, basic instruments & a belt-driven tailrotor
$36,995 $550 crating
Choppy Kit—experimental version, complete, with 65hp Hirth engine
Includes a Hirth 3203, basic instruments, a shaft-driven tailrotor & a full cabin
$39,995 $750 crating
Choppy—Fully Assembled & Tested
This enhanced kit has a shaft-driven tailrotor. Specify Ultralight or Experimental.
Please inquire $1,200 crating
Skylark—Main Rotor Head $7,995 $45 s+c (U.S.)
Skylark—Main Rotor Gearbox with gears $6,995 $35 s+c (U.S.)
Skylark—Tailrotor Pitch Control Mechanism $3,995 $35 s+c (U.S.)
Skylark—Tailrotor Drive Gearbox $3,495 $35 s+c (U.S.)
Skylark Kit—Complete except for engine and instruments
Uses a shaft-driven tailrotor (add $3,300 for cabin)
$29,995 $400 crating
($450 w/cabin)
Skylark Kit—Complete, with Hirth 70hp engine
includes a Hirth 3503 engine, basic instrumentation, a full cabin enclosure and a shaft-driven tail rotor
$39,995 $500 crating
Skylark—Fully Assembled & Tested
includes a 70hp Hirth 3503 engine, basic instrumentation, a full cabin enclosure and a shaft-driven tail rotor
$48,500 $700 crating
Scorpion-Style Airframe for 2-Seater—Assembled $12,990 $400 crating
Scorpion-Style Airframe for 2-Seater—Unassembled, Precut Tubing $8,900 $180 crating
2-Seat Helicopter Main Rotorhead/Hub—Complete
Swashplate not included. A rotorhead for 2-seat helicopters; functions as an upgrade for the Scorpion-II/133
$9,990 $60 s+c (U.S.)
Heavy-Duty Belt-Driven Tail Rotor Mechanism—Complete
A belt-driven tail-rotor system for single- or 2-seat helicopters
$5,990 $45 s+c (U.S.)
Heavy-Duty Shaft-Driven Tail Rotor Mechanism—Complete
A shaft-driven tail-rotor system for single- or 2-seat helicopters
$6,250 $50 s+c (U.S.)
Kestrel Jet Helicopter—Frame $4,990 $300 crating
Kestrel Jet Helicopter—Rotorhead $8,495 $180 s+c (U.S.)
Kestrel Jet Helicopter Kit—Complete except for jets $19,995 $500 crating
Kestrel Jet Helicopter Kit—Complete, with jets
Add $1,995 for a cabin
$29,300 $700 crating
($900 w/cabin)
Kestrel Jet Helicopter—Fully Assembled & Tested
Add $1,995 for a cabin
$29,995 $400 crating
($450 w/cabin)
Gyroplane KitsUltralight & Experimental from $4,495 up more at Gyro Kits
B-19 GyroGlider Kit—Complete $7,995 $300 crating
B-19 GyroGlider—Fully Assembled $9,995 500 crating
B-20 Gyro-Kopter Kit—Complete except for engine
A variety of new or used engines are available—please inquire
$8,995 $450 crating
Shadow Gyroplane Kit—minus engine, instruments & pusher prop $48,995 $1,100 crating
Coaxial helicopter double rotorhead, complete, with planetary gearbox, ready to mount $19,995 $80 crating
 Custom parts for any homebuilt helicopter or gyroplane project Please inquire  
Prices & designs subject to change without notice

*Note: The "Crating Cost" refers to the cost of boxing a part for shipment. Actual shipping cost, unless quoted above, is paid by customer directly to the shipping company on receipt. "S+C (U.S.)" is the cost for both shipping and crating in the U.S. Foreign pays shipping cost on receipt.

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