By popular request Vortech is pleased to offer construction prints for this turbojet engine.
The jet produces up to 30 h.p. and can be scaled up for higher power.

Also included: plans for building a fully functional
 Miniature Jet Engine

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turbojet engine
TheDaemon TurboJet Engine
produces up to 30 horsepower

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PV8 Jet in color
The PV8 Jet Engine can produce 37 lbs. of thrust


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• Airplanes • Rocketry
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• Cars • Hovercraft • Boats

Our jet-engine plans fully detail the construction of not just one, but 2 extraordinary pulsejet engines! Full construction prints are provided for both engines. These pulsejets are easily built from materials that can be obtained for $200, or even less, making them among the most affordable sources of power available. Although lightweight and compact in size, each engine can produce an amazing 25 to 37+ lbs. of thrust—power that is readily adaptable to a wide spectrum of air, ground or water-based vehicles

Unlike simpler ramjet engines, the pulsejet can be started from a standstill and is much more fuel efficient. The pulsejet achieves its performance edge by use of an intake valve that is sonically resonant with the engine's tailpipe. The vacuum and resonance created by the thrust of the exhaust opens the intake valves to admit a fresh fuel-air mixture, while the combustion then reseals the valve, and the cycle repeats. Thus, the key to a pulsejet's efficiency lies in the construction of the valve and its sonic attunement.

One of the very special features of the pulsejet is its ability to run on a variety of fuels, including regular gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene. It is this versatility combined with its simplicity and low cost of construction and upkeep that will make this project highly rewarding.

pulsejet & ramjet
A ramjet (foreground) & pulsejet engine
PV5 jet
The PV5 Jet Engine

How To Build A Jet Helicopter
FREE with your order!

Your order for our Pulsejet Engine Construction Manual brings you a free copy of How to Build A Jet Helicopter—a book that will show you all that you need to know to build not just one, but two versions of a jet helicopter. AND, as an extra-extra bonus, this manual includes full construction plans for building yet another jet engine: a ramjet! You will have the option of powering your helicopter with a ramjet or pulsejet engine!
Build a helicopter book cover
PV5 on rotorblade

Rotorblade-mounted PV5
PV5 & PV8 Specifications
Length (overall): 40 in (PV5), 29 in (PV8)
Combust chamb dia: 5.5 in (PV5), 6 in (PV8)
Tailpipe dia: 3.8 in (PV5), tapered (PV8)
Weight (total): 11 lbs (PV5) 10 lbs (PV8)
Optimum speed: about 410 ft./sec (both)
Thrust at opt speed: 25 lbs (PV5), 37 lbs (PV8)
Fuel consumption: about 10 gals/hr (both)
Valve life: 25 to 50 hrs (both)

Your order includes plans for building the PV5 and PV8 pulsejet engines, PLUS the bonus
manual with plans for building 2 different jet helicopters AND a third jet engine, a ramjet!!
COMPLETE PACKAGE: Only $24.95 (add $7 post U.S., $17 foreign)

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